VRI for solid set irrigation
VRI for solid set irrigation

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IMS Gateway v2

Water-Insight’s new IMS Gateway v2 is an IoT solution for solid set irrigation systems.

Packed with new features including:
• Built in Wi-Fi and ethernet cable connections
• Smaller – Compact enclosure, over 40% smaller and easier to install
• Lower price – Ideal for smaller fixed grid irrigation systems

February 2024

Featured News

Solid Set Irrigation in North Canterbury - CWS

CWS are solid set irrigation experts.

We encourage North Canterbury farmers to get in touch with CWS to discuss how the Water-Insight technology can benefit solid set and fixed grid irrigation.

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Newsletter - June 2024

Featuring: IMS Gateway v2 Update, New valve test feature, Winter service reminder, AgFest 2024 Tasmania and Irrigation NZ resources

June 2024

Winter Service Reminder - 2024

Please send any IPCs in need of refurbishment or repair to us over winter to help prevent the impact of any delays and increasing pressure during the irrigation season.

Irrigation NZ states, “winter is the ideal time..."

June 2024

Drought Advice – Resources

Irrigation NZ published some great common sense drought advice in Canterbury farming (February 2024 page 35).

The advice includes following these steps to help to get the most from your solid set irrigation in dry conditions.

May 2024

New IMS Feature - Group Valve Test 

The IMS valve test is a simple way of sequentially testing the operation of all the sprinkler valves in a group.
To access the feature, login to IMS and select Groups at the top of your IMS dashboard.
Three new icons are now shown on each group card.

April 2024

Newsletter - March 2024

Featuring: IMS Gateway v2, 5mm or 20mm per day, Coming soon - Water tank monitoring with pump control, INZ Drought advice, MetService notifications

March 2024

5mm or 20mm per day?

IMS provides sophisticated irrigation scheduling tools – but do you always apply the traditional 5mm or 20mm per day?

With the threat of ongoing drought conditions, is there any other advice?

February 2024

IPC Battery Charge

IPC battery charging is best achieved using the available battery chargers.

Importantly, the batteries must be given enough time to fully charge...

December 2023

Newsletter - December 2023

Featuring: IPC Battery charge, Farm Cybercrime tips, EP3 Spectrum analyser, Christmas arrangements, Irrigation NZ training updates.

December 2023

EP3 Spectrum Analyser

The EP3 has a basic spectrum analyser feature which helps identify radio traffic when designing an IPC solid set irrigation layout.

November 2023

Cyber Crime on Farms

Cybercrime on farms is increasing. The good news is that there are simple steps you can take to improve your security. We recommend you visit...

October 2023

Large North Island Irrigation

Effluent and Irrigation EIDNZ - Large-scale solid set irrigation project at Reperoa completed by the team using Water-Insight IPC controllers

September 2023

Newsletter - September 2023

Featuring: IMS Changes, Remote Flow Meters, Solid Set Irrigation in North Otago, Farm Cyber Security

September 2023

IMS Gateway v2

Water-Insight’s new IMS Gateway v2 is an IoT solution for solid set irrigation systems.

Packed with new features including:
• Built in Wi-Fi and ethernet cable connections
• Smaller – Compact enclosure, over 40% smaller and easier to install
• Lower price – Ideal for smaller fixed grid irrigation systems

February 2024

North Otago Irrigation

North Otago irrigation. Water-Insight's smart solid set irrigation controllers are used for corner infill and difficult terrain.

August 2023

Remote Flow Monitoring

Remote Flow Monitoring. Show the water flow in the dairy shed using the QTech Analogue WP2P. Low power digital radio solution.

July 2023

Newsletter - June 2023

Featuring: Winter Service reminder, Reducing Nitrogen Losses, Fieldays, NIWA demo, NZ Digital Strategy

June 2023

IPC Refurb & Repair Reminder

IPC refurb and repair reminder. Please get any IPC needing service to us as soon as possible to beat the delays.

June 2023

Digital Connectivity in NZ

Digital Connectivity in NZ - The government statement of intent includes the future of connectivity in the farming sector.

May 2023

SIAFD 2023 - RX Plastics and Smart Solid Set

Plenty of interest in solid set irrigation at the south island SIAFD fieldays 2023 - RX Plastics and Solid Set.

April 2023

Reducing Nitrogen Losses

Reducing nitrogen losses - Exciting research findings of using environmental plantain in a dairy farm system.

April 2023


Newsletter - March 2023

Featuring: IPC Battery chargers, 3G networks closing, supply update, IPC magnet, IMS remote control options

March 2023

3G Cellular Networks Closing

3G cellular networks are closing. We encourage you all to review the following as this does not just impact older cell phones...

March 2023

IPC Battery Chargers

Charge up to six IPC batteries simultaneously without using the IPC's solar charging system.

February 2023

Water Tank Level Monitoring

Solar powered water tank level monitoring, LoRa IoT communications - alerts and water use alarms.

February 2023

IMS Remote Control Options

Six inputs and six outputs which can be controlled and monitored from your phone through the IMS app.

January 2023

SMS Control of Irrigation and Pumping

Low cost text message controller for the 4G cellular network. Monitor power outages and centre pivot faults...

January 2023

Solid Set Irrigation at Agfest Tasmania 2022

It was great to see the Water-Insight IPC irrigation controllers showcased by Van Diemen's Land Irrigation at the recent Agfest Tasmania 2022 field days.

November 2022

Weather Forecasting & Irrigation

Reliable weather forecasting helps influence your irrigation scheduling to ensure the soil moisture levels can be balanced...

November 2022

Amuri Basin Irrigation

Agriculture in the Amuri Basin, North Canterbury has been transformed by modern irrigation and solid set....

October 2022

Crop Yield Database - Planting Decisions

Agyields is a new national crop yield database and another innovation led by Lincoln University to benefit New Zealand farming....

September 2022

IPC Pre season checks

The sooner IPCs are returned for service the better, as September is always really busy preparing for the upcoming season.

August 2022

SMART Irrigation GMP

The SMART irrigation GMP good management practice overview at Irrigation NZ reminds us what is needed...

July 2022

Bucket Testing App - Update

The bucket test is an important way of determining how well your irrigation system distributes water. A new bucket testing app is now available..

June 2022

Drought Forecasting for NZ

An innovative project to provide a sophisticated, long range drought forecasting tool.

May 2022

Irrigation Scheduling using Satellites

Irrigation scheduling is crucially important for many - but can satellite irrigation scheduling be used?

April 2022

IPC Communication Options

Three ways for IPCs to communicate including mesh radio and repeaters which give options for challenging terrain

February 2022

Solid Set Irrigation in North Canterbury - CWS

CWS are solid set irrigation experts. Get in touch with CWS to discuss how the Water-Insight technology can benefit solid set and fixed grid irrigation.

January 2022

Solid Set Scheduling in mm

New IMS feature allows you to design solid set scheduling in mm based on targeted water application depth levels..

December 2021

IPC Relay Interface Module

Convert the IPC’s latching solenoid relay output into a conventional on/off relay control. Gives you more options to control farm electrical equipment.

November 2021

Tank Level Monitoring in IMS

The TLM uses our sophisticated IMS cloud based technology to show you tank levels, status indicators and usage statistics. 

September 2021

Fieldays 2021 Mystery Creek - Solid Set

Water-Insight was represented on the RX Plastics stand where "Solid Set Irrigation Now Even Smarter" was the focus.

July 2021

IMS Internet Connections - FAQs

FAQs & tips for cellular and Wi-Fi IMS internet connections. Data plan? Hotspotting? How much data is sent?

July 2021

IPC System Spares

Having system spares is widely regarded as best practise and can be viewed as an insurance policy. Holding spare modules onsite is inevitably more cost effective

June 2021

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) for solid set

Water-Insight IMS is a VRI system for solid set & Fixed grid irrigation. A cornerstone of achieving GMP and “actively managed irrigation” status.

February 2021

Irrigating pivot corners

The decision was to replace the corner arm with Water-Insight's IPC sprinkler controllers - and shows how effective our IPCs can be for corner infill irrigation.

January 2021

Benefits of an RF survey

The RF survey identifies radio communication paths, requirements for repeaters, internet connection options and mounting recommendations. Its intent is to ensure that there are “no surprises”.

November 2020