Solid Set Irrigation in North Canterbury – CWS

Canterbury Water Services (CWS) are solid set irrigation experts and feature in the NZ Dairy magazine.

CWS solid set irrigation experts in north Canterbury

CWS are solid set irrigation experts. We encourage North Canterbury farmers to get in touch with CWS to discuss how the Water-Insight technology can benefit solid set and fixed grid irrigation.

CWS have successfully completed many projects using the Water-Insight solar powered IPC solid set controllers and the cloud based IMS platform.

Water-Insight is pleased to confirm our support and relationship with Canterbury Water Services and look forward to another successful season.

Are you looking for solid set irrigation experts in another region?

Please click here for a link of experienced and recommended installers.

To read the full NZ Dairy article, click here to go to page 84 of the Summer 2021 edition.

North Canterbury features large areas of rolling hillside and challenging terrain, which makes it ideal for fixed grid or solid set irrigation. With multiple recent droughts, scarcity of irrigation water and centre pivot irrigation being unable to increase the irrigated area, more and more farmers are looking at fixed grid systems. Many existing users start off with a small solid set system providing corner infill irrigation and then expand the system to irrigate previously non-productive terrain and foothills.

Other regions with similar terrain and constraints to North Canterbury will also benefit from smart solid set control from Water-Insight.