VRI for solid set irrigation
VRI for solid set irrigation

Farm Sensor Technology

Water-Insight's farm sensor technology provides greater decision making capability. They provide immediate actionable data but also have the ability to gather information over a long period of time and store it for further analysis.

Understanding soil conditions and other environmental factors allows farmers to, conserve resources and reduce their impact on the environment.

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Soil Moisture

Water-Insight's Wireless Soil Moisture Logger (WSML) is drilled into the ground to provide immediate actionable data on whether or not to irrigate. It supports up to four probes, allowing the farmer to observe moisture at both root and drainage levels.

Soil Moisture Datasheet

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Water Flow

Using an irrigation telemetry unit (ITU) developed by Water-Insight, this sensor allows users to measure water flow from selected pulse or analogue type meters. The ITU can also be used to detect basic fault issues, such as over or under watering.

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Soil Temperature

In addition to measuring soil moisture, the WSML can be equipped with a soil temperature probe. Knowing when your soil is facilitating maximum growth and activity will give you a greater insight on when and where to irrigate.

electrical power sensor icon Electrical Power

Utilising Water-Insights Wireless Point to Point System (WP2P), the power reader enables farmers to measure electrical pulses. Using this information farmers can begin to understand their water pumping cost.

Tank Level Monitor

Compact, cost effective & easy to install.

TLM Tank Level Monitor