IPC Battery Charging

IPC Battery Charging

IPC battery charging is best achieved using the available battery chargers.

The IPC battery is a Lithium-Ion polymer battery (LiPo) which have specific charging characteristics.

The battery chargers provide a two-stage charge – constant current and then constant voltage.

Importantly, the batteries must be given enough time to fully charge.

The IPC batteries are not fully charged, simply when the terminal voltage is 4.2V.

This informative article  outlines the reasons why, but the summary is:

Please charge the IPC batteries until the green LED and or buzzer sounds.

The charge time is generally over 2.5 hours. Please allow up to 4 hours in the workshop to charge the batteries before heading into the paddock to install them.

Installing batteries only when fully charged will ensure they can operate the irrigation solenoid for longer during cloudy conditions. It also reduces the amount of solar charging they initially need to replenish.

As with many battery types, the charge time to go from 90% to 100% is extended.

The IPC battery chargers are AC mains powered, can charge six batteries at the same time and have an LCD screen. Click here for datasheet.

Thes screens shows you the charging current, charging voltage and battery capacity for each connected battery.

The capacity of the IPC battery is nominally 1,500 mAH and the charge current limit is 1A, which is the rating of the battery charger.

A reminder about charging IPC Batteries:

Read the manufacturer’s instruction manual supplied with each battery charger

Connect the battery charger to an AC mains socket with the supplied cable

Connect the interface cables to the battery charger ports labelled “mCPX”

Connect the IPC batteries to the interface cables

Do not connect IPC batteries directly to the charger

Battery charging starts automatically and the channel LED flashes red

The LCD screen shows battery voltage, current and capacity

Charging is complete when the channel LED is green

Carefully disconnect the IPC battery from the interface cable

Battery Charger Settings:

Battery Type LiPo – All ports set to lithium polymer

Charge Current 1A – Per battery

Note 1 – The quantity of batteries being charged will effect the charge time