VRI for solid set irrigation
VRI for solid set irrigation

Water-Insight Solid Set Irrigation Solutions

Sprinkler control

Water-Insight offers automatic and autonomous sprinkler control for solid set and fixed grid irrigation. When our products are installed water can be applied efficiently over large land areas, including terrain that would otherwise defeat traditional irrigation methods. By placing water at a rate that is pre-set and controlled, Water-Insight can ensure that water-run off is reduced and pasture performance is maximised.


State of the art sensor technology has been developed by Water-Insight to provide advanced irrigation decision support. Based on environmental and economic conditions, our sensors give farmers the data needed to effectively manage water. Our tank level monitoring technology can be used without irrigation and suits rural and urban locations.

cloud platform

Irrigation Management System (IMS) is a cloud based solution, providing farmers with a smart way of monitoring and controlling the use of water. It allows farmers to visualise their farm operations and remotely manage all irrigation and sensor devices. IMS is a technological advancement, providing surety to the user but also regulatory authorities.

Solid Set Sprinkler Solutions

Water-Insight’s intelligent devices provide sprinkler control for both small and large scale agriculture. The main component is an irrigation point controller (IPC) that sits at each fixed grid sprinkler or pod and operates a latching valve, which turns the water on and off. A handheld programmer (EP3) is used in one on one communications with the IPC and is ideal for making adjustments to small solid set systems. In larger scale operation a network gateway (INC) is installed to allow communication to the entire IPC network.

IPC smart solid set sprinkler control
IPC - Irrigation Point Controller

The IPC is a programmable, timer-based sprinkler controller that can be set to a schedule that most benefits water distribution. It can be managed remotely by radio and is completely autonomous in its function.  Solar power also maintains the fully enclosed lithium polymer battery, allowing the IPC to work effectively even in the low sunlight months.

EP3 handheld controller for solid set sprinkler
EP3 - Handheld Controller

An EP3 is a handheld, wireless device that is used to configure and test our solid set sprinkler controllers. The EP3 communicates directly with any IPC, which means farmers can make changes to schedules and control sprinklers when they are out on the field. An EP3 can also act as an easy to use diagnostic tool for sprinkler operations.

INC central controller for solid set irrigation
INC - Network Controller

A network gateway (INC) is a permanently installed device that provides gateway communications to each IPC attached to a solid set sprinkler. The INC interacts in real time with the IMS dashboard, which then allows users to visualise their farms operations and make changes to their sprinkler schedules from anywhere and at any time.

Solar Repeater
Tank level monitor
Solar Repeater

The Water-Insight Solar Repeater is used when obstacles or long distances prevent line of sight between IPCs modules. The device extends the range by 1km and up to four repeaters can be used in one system. A stainless steel mounting system makes for easy installation. A mains powered repeater is also available.

IPC Battery Charger
IPC battery charger
IPC Battery Charger

The IPC Battery Charger charges up to six IPC batteries at the same time. It is ideal for irrigation installers and large system users. Charge your replacement batteries without using the IPC’s solar charging.
Battery Charger kits include mains powered and suitable 3 amp or 5 amp DC power supplies.

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Irrigation Management System (IMS)

IMS is an advanced web-based application that allows farmers to manage all their irrigation and sensor devices, in one place.

The central hub of IMS is the IMS Gateway. When signed into the IMS dashboard, the user can visualise and control their sprinkler operations using real time maps of their farm. Sprinkler schedules can be set individually or sorted into groups to account for hills, gullies or half circles. A traffic light system is also used to quickly show the health and status of each sprinkler, making it easier for farmers to see what needs attention.

Different sensors can be added to scale up operations and help build a greater understanding of a farms water usage. Graphs of soil temperature and moisture trends can be overlapped with rainfall predictions and combined with water application records to provide farmers with the information they need to make more informed irrigation decisions. IMS also allows long term trends to be measured and compared, which can prepare farmers for changes in environmental or economic conditions.

IMS is also integrated with a message communication service that can be set up to send out texts, emails or instant app notifications for important issues or events.  If something goes wrong such as a leaking tank or a broken pipe, the farmer will be notified instantly, allowing them to see to problem quickly and reduce the negative repercussions. Each IMS is customised to the user so farmers will only be notified the things that are important to them.

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IMS Gateway Features

IMS Gateway v2

WAN/LAN Communications Interfaces:

WiFI 2.4/5 GHz Type: B,G,N,AC

Ethernet 1 GB/s

Cellular 4G LTE (optional)

Telemetry Network Interfaces (Irrigation and Sensor Devices)

Radio 900 MHz ISM band GFSK for Sprinkler controllers, point to point and mesh radio modes of operation

Radio 900 MHz ISM band LoRa for Sensors (via optional LoRa Modem)

IMS Gateway Functions

Automated and manual operation of Water Sprinkler valves

IMS MQTT Site data transfer and connection management

IMS self-upgrade service

Irrigation network diagnostics data logging

Single Page Web Configuration application 

Site clock/time management of endpoint devices

Remote (IMS) and Local IPC control and status data acquisition

Local IPC Configuration and Status Database with offline storage

Local Irrigation Control User Interface (touch screen)

Local and Remote Control of on-board Digital I/O

On demand IPC control, valve actuation, status retrieval, watering schedule management

Site Configuration (local or via IMS)

Mesh radio network optimisation

Site Endpoint (IPC) configuration

Network configuration and mapping including use of Repeaters

IPC Radio Channel allocation and radio protocol configuration

Site Data gathering for analytics and simple reporting:

Radio Communications efficiency

Device battery status

Clock accuracy

Watering Schedule inconsistency checks

Site wide operations:

Periodic Site status poll data retrieval

Periodic Sensor device (soil moisture, rain gauge, water flow and water level sensors) data retrieval

Periodic clock synchronisation

Watering schedule updates and distribution

Watering inhibit/uninhibit

Manages Multiple Watering Schedules

IMS Google Maps
IMS farm display on Google
IMS iPhone
EP3 handheld controller for solid set sprinkler
IMS Tank Levels
Tank level monitor
IMS mm application
solid set irrigation scheduling in mm
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