SMART Irrigation GMP

SMART Irrigation GMP – more than just scheduling and efficiency

SMART Irrigation GMP

The SMART irrigation GMP good management practice overview at Irrigation NZ reminds us what is needed.

The SMART Irrigation concept has four key aspects:

  1. Irrigation System efficiency
  2. Irrigation Scheduling
  3. Operator Training
  4. Record Keeping

Whilst this is not breaking news, it is a timely reminder especially as we head towards another irrigation season.

If your crop or water allocations have changed, a review of your irrigation scheduling should be performed. Do you still need to apply the same amount and in the same place as last year?

If you have had staff changes, are the new people as well trained and confident as they need to be? Make sure you take the time to review their training and update any of the irrigation procedures to suit.

Traditionally, the Water-Insight IPC fixed grid controllers have been scheduled based on time – ie how many minutes to run for.

To make this more convenient, IMS irrigation scheduling is now available in millimetres – ie how many mm’s do you intend to apply.

SMART irrigation GMP and solid set irrigation scheduling is now easier than ever, but please don’t forget the importance of the system efficiency and record keeping.

System efficiency includes the initial design considerations and regular checking such as bucket tests.

Record keeping involves your irrigation diary (the when-where-why you irrigated) but also service records and maintenance works.