IPC Relay Interface Module

The IPC Relay Interface allows you control auxiliary devices using the solar powered IPC fixed grid irrigation controller.

IPC Relay Interface module

The IPC relay interface module converts the IPC’s latching solenoid relay output into a conventional on/off relay control. This gives you more options to control farm electrical equipment.

Relay operation is controlled by the IPC’s programmed schedule or can be remotely controlled using an EP3 or IMS, the web based dashboard.
The IPC Relay Interface is ideal for enabling equipment to only operate at specific times of the day.

The Green and Black wires of the IPC Irrigation Point Controller are connected to the terminals labelled BLACK and GREEN on the relay module.

The auxiliary equipment is connected to the N/O RELAY terminals on the  relay module. These relay contacts close whenever the IPC Irrigation Point Controller schedule is active.

The IPC Relay Interface contacts are rated at a maximum of 30V DC at 2A.
Typical uses include:

Switch centre pivot irrigators on between midnight and 8am to limit the irrigation applied

Enable irrigation on alternate days, and show the status on my IMS dashboard

Turn the fixed grid irrigation water supply off at 11pm each day

Switch the security sensors off during work hours

The IPC relay module can be used with all versions of the IPC – Post mount, Pod mount and G-Set.