Amuri Basin Irrigation

Amuri Basin – solid set irrigation’s popularity grows for corner infill and hilly terrain

Amuri Basin Irrigation

Agriculture in the Amuri Basin, North Canterbury has been transformed by modern irrigation.

The Amuri Irrigation Company (AIC) manages the large Balmoral, Waiau and Waiareka irrigation schemes. Combined, these schemes now irrigate over 28,000Ha with 99% of this applied by efficient spray irrigation systems.

While much of the Amuri Basin’s flat irrigatable land is now covered by centre pivots, more and more farmers are now selecting smart solid set irrigation for the remaining land.

Solid set irrigation is the preferred solution for corner infill and hilly terrain. Solid set, or G-Set pods release the potential of previously unproductive land, and simply goes where other irrigation can not reach.

The solar powered IPC is the ideal solid set sprinkler controller and the low power mesh radio works well with the hilly terrain. Using our web-based IMS technology, irrigation schedules are easily created and managed from your phone.

“Tough times before irrigation arrived” is the quote from a well-known local farmer who features on page 37 of the NZ Dairy Spring 2022 edition.

There are several specialist solid set irrigation experts providing total irrigation solutions for the Amuri Basin region.

Please click here for their contact details. and to learn how solid set irrigation will help extended your irrigatable area.