Solid Set (Fixed Grid) Irrigation Control

Water-Insight provides automatic schedule based sprinkler control for solid set irrigation systems.

Our intelligent devices can be used for both small and large scale irrigation. The main component is an irrigation point controller (IPC) that sits at each fixed grid sprinkler or pod and operates a latching valve, which turns water on and off. A handheld programmer (EP3) is used to communicate with each IPC and is ideal for making adjustments to small solid set systems.

In larger systems the cloud based IMS technology or an INC gateway  is used, to communicate with the entire IPC network.

Irrigation Point Controller

The IPC is a programmable, timer-based sprinkler controller that can be set to a schedule that most benefits water distribution. It can be managed remotely by mesh radio and is completely autonomous in its function.  Solar power also maintains the fully enclosed lithium polymer battery, allowing the IPC to work effectively even in the low sunlight months.

IPC variants are available for G-Set pod irrigation.

IPC Data Sheet

EP3 website

Handheld Programmer

The EP3 is a handheld, wireless device that is used to configure and test the solid set sprinkler controllers. The EP3 communicates directly with any IPC, which means farmers can make changes to schedules and control sprinklers when they are out on the field. An EP3 can also act as an easy to use diagnostic tool for sprinkler operations.

EP3 Data Sheet

Network Gateway

A network gateway (INC) is a permanently installed device that provides gateway communications to each IPC attached to a solid set sprinkler. The INC interacts in real time with the IMS dashboard, which then allows users to visualise their farms operations and make changes to their sprinkler schedules from anywhere and at any time.

INC Data Sheet

IPC solar Repeater-website

Solar Repeater

The IPC Solar Repeater is used when obstacles or long distances prevent line of sight between IPCs modules. The device extends the range by 1km and up to four repeaters can be used in one system. A stainless steel mounting system makes for easy installation.

Solar Repeater Data Sheet

Irrigation Management System

The Irrigation Management System (IMS) is a fully cloud based solution, designed to provide farmers with a smart way of monitoring and controlling the solid set set irrigation. It allows farmers to visualise their farm operations and remotely manage all irrigation and sensor devices. IMS also provides configurable alerts and alarms.

Tank level monitor

Tank Level Monitor

The TLM is a solar powered water tank level monitor. It communicates to an internet gateway via LoRa radio over a range of many kilometres.

Our web-based dashboard technology provides you with tank level information and valuable alerts for critical water levels or significant rates of change.

The TLM can also be integrated into our IMS platform, to give you both fixed grid irrigation and water tank levels on the same system.