Water Tank Level Monitoring

Water Tank Level Monitoring from your phone – usage and powerful alerts

Water Tank Level Monitor TLM

The TLM uses our sophisticated IMS cloud based technology to show you the water tank level, status indicators and water usage statistics.

The TLM uses LoRa IoT communications from the water tank to a gateway – the gateway then plugs into your internet connection. Configuration and set up is really simple via a dedicated website portal.

water tank level monitor on farm water tank

Alerts and alarms can also be sent via email, SMS/text or push notifications. A powerful “rate of change” alarm can provide you with early notification of a leak, helping to prevent a massive water loss.

The built in LoRa radio means you can use TLMs where there is no cellular or Wi-Fi coverage – monitor water tanks on farms as well as in semi-rural areas.

You can also share the water tank level data with other farm staff or organisations that you given permission to. They can also be configured to only receive specific alerts and alarms.

Each TLM unit is designed to be robust and reliable in all weather conditions and uses a stainless steel mount and bracket.

The TLM Starter Pack Includes:
• Fully integrated housing unit, equipped with a solar
panel and a 6000 mAhr lithium-ion battery
• Highly accurate 3 meter pressure sensor
• Sensor gateway complete with a power adapter
• All necessary antennas, cables and mounting screws
• A comprehensive user guide for easy installation
• Your first year subscription to Water-Insight’s cloud-based dashboard

And of course, TLMs can be easily added to existing solid set irrigation IMS systems and are very cost effective.

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