VRI for solid set irrigation
VRI for solid set irrigation

Irrigation Management System (IMS) 

IMS is an advanced web-based application that allows farmers to manage all their solid set irrigation, in one place. When signed into the IMS dashboard, you can visualise and control their sprinkler operations using real time maps of their farm. Sprinkler schedules can be set individually or sorted into groups to account for hills, gullies or half circles. A traffic light system is also used to quickly show the health and status of each sprinkler, making it easier for farmers to see what needs attention.

IMS on iPhone
IMS Gateway v2

The IMS Gateway is the intelligent hub of the system. It provides radio communications to the IPC sprinkler controllers and connects to the internet.

The IMS Gateway includes:

Built in Wi-Fi and ethernet cable connections

4G Cellular Modem option

Small size - Compact enclosure and easy to install

Simplified Servicing - No need for a monitor, keyboard or mouse

Simplicity - Introducing a new versatile low power processor

Lower Power - Simplified power supply system

Automatic Software updates

Water tank level monitoring can be easily added to IMS - click here for details.

Different farm sensors can also be added to IMS to help build a greater understanding of a farms water usage. Graphs of soil temperature and soil moisture trends can be combined with water application records to provide farmers with the information they need to make more informed irrigation decisions. IMS also allows long term trends to be measured and compared, which can prepare farmers for changes in environmental or economic conditions.

Tank level monitor graphs

IMS is integrated with a message communication service that can be set up to send out texts/SMS, emails or instant app notifications for important issues or events.  If something goes wrong such as a leaking tank or a broken pipe, the farmer will be notified instantly, allowing them to see to problem quickly and reduce the impact. Each IMS is customised to the user so farmers will only be notified the things that are important to them.

IMS farm display on Google