Remote Flow Monitoring

WP2P Remote flow monitoring

If your water flow meter is on the far side of the paddock, how can you show the flow in the dairy shed?

The QTech Analogue WP2P is ideal for remote flow monitoring.

Feed the 4-20mA signal from the flow meter in to one end and the low power digital radio sends it to the other end. The WP2P systems are widely used in industrial control solutions and have many uses on farm.

The analogue WP2P is available again, although in small volumes. Global chip shortages prevented us from manufacturing the systems last year. But our local manufacturing has again showed its value and flexibility, ensuring that we can continue to supply both IPC sprinkler controllers and the QTech wireless products.

Our previous article showed how the digital input version of the WP2P can be used for remote pump starting and indicating pump faults. This including interfacing the signals to the IMS web app dashboard controls.

WP2P systems are very low power and have a range of several kilometres. They are supplied from 12V DC power supplies and your electrician is likely to be familiar with them already.

Need to go further? No problems, a radio repeater is available for those more challenging layouts.

Please get in touch if you need more assistance or click here for details on the Analogue WP2P.

Using the Analogue WP2P for remote flow monitoring sure beats ploughing or trenching a cable to the flow meter.