IMS Remote Control Options

IMS allows you to remotely control up to six devices from your phone

IMS remote control signals

IMS remote control capabilities allow you to control and monitor pumps and valves etc.
Within the IMS enclosure is the INC module. This has six inputs and six outputs, which can be controlled and monitored from your phone through your existing IMS app.

This is another value adding feature for IMS users, and can be used for multiple control applications.

Alerts can also be set up to notify you when changes occur to these remote control signals.
The signals are wired to the green terminals on the INC module in IMS.

You can rename the button labels in the “Gateway I/O” section of the IMS dashboard.

The QTech WP2P Wireless Point to Point radio systems are perfect for providing these control signals without installing cables to the pump/control valves.WP2P systems are very low power and have a range of several kilometres.
We encourage all IMS users to implement this – it will become more beneficial as the “Irrigation Diary” features are rolled out in IMS.

Of course, IMS remains the central hub for smart solid set irrigation, but remote control options extend the on farm use of the system.

These remote control options do not change your current IMS subscription.

If it is not possible to get control signals back to the IMS enclosure, then the SMS Lite could be used. This article contains more details, or please get in touch now.

SMS Lite - irrigation and pump control