Smart Solid Set Irrigation From Water-Insight

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Build your solid set irrigation system using our smart sprinkler controllers and manage it from the cloud.

Water-Insight's smart solid set irrigation system allows you to remotely control, schedule and monitor your irrigation (fixed grid and G-Set) from anywhere and at any time.

We provide individual sprinkler control, powerful irrigation scheduling tools and sensor data to help support your irrigation decisions.

Creating vital solutions for rural communities, Water-Insight helps you optimise production and increase profitability.

The Water-Insight Advantage

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Field Experience

Since 2014 Water-Insight has worked closely with farmers to create reliable and effective products. With over 30,000 solar powered sprinkler controllers in the field, we have the experience to provide optimal solutions, which are simple to use and not costly to service.

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Remote Management

Water-Insight’s web-based dashboard allows irrigation schedules to be created or changed from any mobile device. It is easy to use and gives farmers the freedom to remotely coordinate operations saving time and money.

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Customized Information

The web-based dashboard gives users the option to customise their  dashboard. They can prioritise the data that is important to them and view their operations at a single glance. Alerts can also be set up, which will notify the user to significant events and issues.

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Improved Decision Making 

Water-Insight’s range of sensor technology provides farmers with information needed to make more informed water management decisions. IMS can also build a profile of water usage over time, which helps users plan for future changes in climate or regulations.

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Autonomous Operation

In the absence of radio or internet communication, Water-Insight's solid set sprinkler controllers will continue to irrigate to their set schedule. IMS also stores multiple schedules, which makes it easy to adjust for seasonal and shoulder needs.

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Sustainable Solutions

Water-Insight allows you to deploy efficient water management strategies to suit your productivity needs. Our solutions ensure that water runoff is minimised, which maximises pasture performance but also contributes to the long-term sustainability of clean water.

Explore our solid set irrigation solutions and see how we can add value.

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Smart Solid Set Irrigation From Water-Insight