VRI for solid set irrigation
VRI for solid set irrigation

About us

With over 34 years experience specialising in remote monitoring, SCADA and telemetry, QTech Data Systems brought its extensive knowledge and skills to the agritech market. We created Water-Insight to provide farmers with smart and reliable solid set irrigation solutions. We are proud to now have tens of thousands of solid set controllers operating on hundreds of farms throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

The strong relationships we have built within the agriculture sector allow us to get an inside look into the problems that land owners face. Working closely with farmers, we are continuously developing our systems and delivering more innovative ways to manage irrigation and increase the efficiency of farm operations. Utilising the latest technology and sharing information on a single platform, we make it simpler and more convenient for customers to meet their goals.

Our team of experienced engineers and software developers work hard to ensure we create the best solutions for our customers. We focus on making our technology cost effective and simple to use, which is why so many farmers are now choosing to use Water-Insight on their farms.

New Zealand Partners

We have teamed up with the best in the business to ensure we offer the most effective solutions, supply chain and installation expertise.


RX Plastics - solid set irrigation


CWS Canterbury Water Services - solid set irrigation
WaterForce - solid set irrigation
Charis Water - solid set irrigation
Irritech Otago
Plains irrigators - solid set irrigation
GVE electrical and pumping- solid set irrigation
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Australian Partners

We have teamed up with the most experienced solid set irrigation provider in Tasmania and DATRAN Australia, to offer you the best solutions and service.


Van Diemens Land Irrigation


DATRAN Australia Pty Ltd is based in Lithgow NSW and stocks a wide range of Wireless Point to Point (WP2P) and 4G cellular SMS controllers.

These remote control and monitoring systems are perfect for on-farm and irrigation use. Please get in touch now for further details.

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