SMS Control of Irrigation and Pumping

Monitor and control farm equipment using text messages from your phone.

SMS Lite - irrigation and pump control

SMS messaging for Irrigation and Pump Control.

The SMS Lite is a low cost text message controller for the 4G cellular network.

Popular uses of the SMS Lite include pump control, generator monitoring, power outages and centre pivot fault notifications.

Your electrician will be able to interface the inputs and outputs to virtually anything.

Alternate uses include switching holiday home heating on, jetty lighting control or even bilge pump monitoring on your boat.

The SMS Lite operates on both the 4G and 3G networks, and a range of high gain antennas are available to best suit your conditions.

There is also a range of power supplies for the SMS Lite including both 220V AC mains input and a 110V AC input which is suitable for centre pivot powered applications.

The SMS Lite is easy to set up and is configured by sending it just a few text messages. Simply get a SIM card added to your existing Telco account, and there is no ongoing QTech subscription for the service.

Of course, our IMS platform already provides sophisticated SMS, email and in app messaging capabilities for the solid set irrigation and tank level monitoring systems.

Are you interested in SMS control of irrigation?

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