IMS Gateway v2

IMS Gateway v2

Water-Insight’s new IMS Gateway v2 is an IoT solution for solid set irrigation systems.

Our cloud-based water management applications enable farmers to manage their irrigation anytime from anywhere.

IMS Gateway v2 is packed with new features and enhancements including:
• Built in Wi-Fi and ethernet cable connections
• Smaller – Compact enclosure, over 40% smaller and easier to install
• Lower price – Ideal for smaller fixed grid irrigation systems
• Simplified Servicing – No more need for a monitor, keyboard or mouse
• Simplicity – Introducing a new versatile low power processor
• Lower Power – Simplified power supply system
• Automatic Software updates
• 4G Cellular Modem option
• Options for attaching mass storage solid state drives for data logging
• We will introduce the IMS gateway v2 in March 2024 and satisfy all existing orders with the new version.

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Key IMS Benefits include:
• Remote sprinkler control
• Easy irrigation scheduling changes
• Sprinkler status indication
• Alerts sent to your phone
• Manage system expansion and IPC changes yourself
• Service log and maintenance plans
• Share access with other farm workers and service providers

Built in Wi-Fi and ethernet
The IMS gateway v2 connects your irrigation system to Water-Insight’s IMS servers via internet connection, through your Internet Router or Wi-Fi. If no internet is available there is an optional cellular modem available to connect to the local cellular network.

Simplified Servicing
For new customers beginning their journey with IMS this product helps provide stress free maintenance with automatic software updates and improved serviceability. We have simplified the power supply systems and removed the need to connect a keyboard or monitor for system diagnostics.

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More detail on the product launch can be found here.