IPC – Post Mount

The Irrigation Point Controller (IPC) is a radio programmable sprinkler controller designed for use with fixed (solid) set irrigation systems. It
provides scheduled or on-demand operation of a single solenoid controlled latching valve and can store multiple operating times.
Communication interfaces allow monitoring and control via dedicated handheld radio equipment, or via a network internet gateway to mobile smartphones, tablets or desktop devices.


• Fully encapsulated electronics (completely water proof)
• Autonomous operation with or without a radio connection
• Real time clock/calendar for cyclic watering operations
• Maximum of 255 minutes per irrigation event and up to 16 operations per cycle
• Solar powered battery charging
• Field replaceable battery (LiPo)
• Mesh radio network or direct (Point to Point) communications for configuration, monitoring and control
• Extend range with optional radio repeaters
• Suitable for rolling downs or high-country operation and difficult terrain.
• Ideal complement to centre pivot irrigation corner infill
• Fully integrated with Water-Insight cloud-based Irrigation Management System (IMS)
• Stainless steel mounting bracket and supplied with installation kit