Importing and Exporting using IMS

For more detail see the full application note.

Creating an SD card for use in an EP3 (Exporting)
  1. Click the Farm Settings (cog on the farm card) > Advanced > Export > Export full configuration of the site (podlist & schedules)
    • A zip file (“”) will be saved to your downloads folder
  2. Save, extract and transfer to SD card
    • Save the zip file to a preferred location
    • Right click on file and select Extract all
    • From the extracted folder (“site”) copy the pods & schedules folders to your SD card
Migrating a site to IMS (Importing)

If you have created an IPC configuration file and schedules using Water-Insight’s IPC manager or RX Plastics’ Scheduler software, then you can use the project files created as a starting point to migrate to IMS cloud.

  1. Create the Farm in IMS (if this has not been done already)
    • Use the New Farm card
    • Enter details, draw boundaries and place the centre
  2. Click Farm Settings (cog on the farm card) > Advanced > Import
  3. Choose the file type to import
    • Project (prj) for Water-Insght IPC Manager project file
    • Rxp project (xml) for RX Plastics scheduler file

The import process will take less than a minute. Once complete a message will display indicating the number of IPCs and schedules imported.

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