Smarter Solid Set Irrigation

This RX Plastics video demonstrates our cloud based irrigation management. It has some stunning imagery showing why solid set irrigation is the first choice for challenging terrain.

Smarter Solid Set Irrigation

This YouTube video from RX Plastics showcases how Water-Insights’ IMS – cloud based system provides Smarter Solid Set Irrigation.

The stunning aerial photography also helps demonstrate the challenging terrain that G-Set, Fixed Grid and Solid set irrigation is excellent for.

Fixed grid and Solid set irrigation is the ideal choice for many applications including hilly areas, undulating terrain, centre pivot corners (corner infill) and irregular shaped paddocks.

Fixed grid it is also ideal for irrigating along tree lines, shelter belts and in exposed high wind areas.

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Water-Insight’s smarter solid set irrigation technology is the core of the RX Plastics irrigation management solution.