Reliable Sprinkler Controller – the proof is in the pudding!

Reliable sprinkler controllers for fixed grid irrigation – quality NZ made products

Reliable solar fixed grid sprinkler controller

Reliability – the proof is in the pudding!
We pride ourselves on the IPC being a reliable sprinkler controller and want to share this example with you.
IPC #2689 is a very early module, originally sold on 22/2/2014. It was returned to us for its first service on 21/1/2021. That is after almost seven years of operation and exposure to the extreme NZ conditions.
The IPC enclosure is filled with a clear gel – this is a very high-grade material and one of the reasons our products are highly water resistant. The gel appears to be in pristine condition with no discolouration even after the amount of UV radiation it has received.

Our skilled local service team were able to quickly diagnose the fault. A comprehensive refurbishment of the IPC was considered, but we decided to retain #2689 for our “hall of fame”.
We are often asked how long the Lithium Polymer IPC batteries last. The formal answer is 3-5 years as it depends on many factors, but this example shows that up to 7 years is possible which is a fantastic testimony to the product design.
IPC batteries are easily replaceable and are available in cost effective cartons of ten. Contact your usual reseller now to ensure you have stock.

The IPC battery charger kit allows you to charge replacement batteries without waiting for the solar charging.