IPC Service and Refurb Reminder

With the irrigation season rapidly approaching, can you please send us any IPCs that require service or refurbishment?

VRI for Solid set sprinklers - solar powered


IPC Service Reminder

The sooner IPCs are returned for service the better, as September becomes really busy preparing for the upcoming season.

We endeavour to provide a rapid turn around time for repairs, but this year continues to be a challenge obtaining material and components.

Our local team of skilled service technicians look forward to ensuring your fixed grid and G-Set controllers are ready for action when you need to irrigate. IPC service activities are performed in Christchurch.

It is also good time to check in on the health of your Water-Insight Irrigation Management System. 

The cloud based IMS adds real value and makes it very easy to identify IPCs that may need service or repair.


Note: If an IPC has had limited sun exposure over winter, the battery charge % may be low. As we move towards Spring the battery may very well recharge as expected, so please take this into consideration during assessment.

The recently introduced IPC battery charger is also a great consideration for these service situations. Please get in touch if you are interested.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]