IMS Internet Options

The IMS gateway needs an internet connection – what options are there?

IMS Internet Options

The preferred option to connect an IMS gateway to the internet is to have an ethernet cable plugged directly into the existing modem/router. This always gives the most reliable and easy to diagnose connection. We appreciate this is not always possible to achieve so there are two other options, both of which have been field proven and each have benefits.

And remember, Water-Insight’s IMS is not dependent on cellular coverage like other products – our IPC sprinkler controllers will continue to water at the scheduled times even if the internet connection is lost.

Option 1 – Cellular Data Connection

An optional RUT240 (Application Note AN25) device can be used if there is a strong cellular signal where the IMS gateway will be installed. The first step is to contact your telecommunication provider and establish what the associated connection fees and data charges will be to add this data plan to your account.

Telco network coverage is needed for this option, which means that although it is a low initial cost there will be ongoing data fees.

Option 2 – Wi-Fi Point to Point Link

Using a pair of low-cost Wi-Fi Point to Point link modules such as the TP-Link CPE modules, creates an access point at the remote farm building from your existing internet connection.

TP-Link CPE modules are available from local suppliers such as PB-Tech and your farm communication provider. This video shows how the technician sets up the link

The IMS gateway then plugs into the ethernet port at the client end of the link in the farm building.

Using this Wi-Fi solution to extend internet coverage can provide other benefits to your farm operation, including worker safety as it provides an alternate method of communication by internet services such as WhatsApp or Messenger.

This option doesn’t need cellular coverage at the shed but does need line of sight to your existing internet connection, it is a slightly higher initial cost but it doesn’t have any ongoing data fees and can be used by other devices and users.