Alerts for important events

Keep in touch with what is happening on your farm by setting up alerts.

Now you can receive an email, or an SMS (“Txt”) message or an instant message to your desktop PC, tablet or phone, if you want to be notified of significant events.

Let’s take the scenario of monitoring stock water tank levels. You would want to know if the tank level is low so that you can turn on the pump. But what if the pump hasn’t turned on automatically and the level keeps dropping below what you expect?

IMS lets you design simple rules for sending alerts, such as “send a message if the water level falls below a certain volume”. You can specify rules easily for yourself or delegated staff can set up their own if that’s their responsibility.

You can find this feature in IMS under the menu heading “Manage Alerts”. Here is a sample from one farm:

You can also set up alerts if the expected water flow is greater than normal and in future alerts may also be set up if someone changes the site configuration, or if a pump fails.