Working with IPCs using IMS

For more detail see the full application note.

If you have IMS installed on your farm site you can now use your phone, tablet or computer to monitor and control your IPCs. Many of the functions performed from an EP3 or INC are now available from IMS.

IPC Commands
  1. Select Sprinklers from the farm card.
  2. Select the IPC of interest
    • Select from map view
    • Search by serial number or name
  3. Select Open card to open the IPC details card
  4. Send the IPC a command
    • Status Request - Select the refresh icon (circular arrows)
    • Inhibit from watering – Select Settings (cog) > Inhibit slider
    • Valve manual ON/OFF – Select  Settings (cog) > the desired Valve Operation button
    • Send a schedule – Select Settings (cog) > Send Schedule > choose schedule to send > Send Schedules to Devices
    • Replace – Select Settings (cog) > Replace (refer to Replacing an IPC in the Field)

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