Upgrading Firmware on the INC

This guide assumes good familiarity with INC use, if this is not the case please refer to the full application note and/or the INC User Guide.

For access to new firmware please get in contact with Water-Insight.

The firmware file must be called INC-App.bin and located in a folder named firmware in the root directory of an SD card.

  1. Using a computer with an SD card reader, copy the firmware folder (as provided by Water-Insight) to the root directory of your SD card.
  2. Eject the SD card and insert it in the INC, then tap the screen on the INC to wake it up
  3. Select Select Settings > Version
    • The current firmware version will be displayed
  4. Select Upgrade > Yes (when prompted) to load the firmware
    • Defaults can normally be left unchecked, Water-Insight will instruct you if the particular upgrade needs to reset to factory defaults
    • If the process fails confirm the name and location of the firmware file is correct
    • Once complete the INC will return to the main screen
  5. Select Settings > Version to confirm the version number is that of the new firmware
  6. Reload the IPC podlist and schedule files to the INC ready for use

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