Swapping IPCs in the field using IMS

For more detail see the full application note.

If a fault occurs with an IPC which requires it to be replaced, the site configuration needs to be updated to reflect the change.

Replacement Process using IMS

It is best practice to replace non-functioning units from pre-configured Spares which are ready for deployment with the correct radio channel & Farm ID set (refer to Managing Spares in IMS and the full application note).

If assistance is needed you can contact Water-Insight with a list of “new” and “old” IPC serial numbers.

  1. Select the Sprinklers button for your farm
  2. Select the IPC to be replaced from the list, from the map (select open card) or use the search function
  3. Select Settings (cog) > Replace
  4. Select the replacement IPC from the list Select from Spare Units
  5. Select Replace to complete the process

IMS will make the required changes and then attempt to contact the replacement IPC.

  • After about 2 minutes the app will notify you if it has successfully contacted the new IPC and it’s details can be viewed.
  1. You can now use IMS to send a schedule to the new IPC – Settings (cog) > Send Schedule.

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