Replacing an IPC in the Field

If a fault occurs with an IPC which requires it to be replaced, the site configuration needs to be updated to reflect the change.
This guide covers the replacement process for sites with or without IMS.


It is best practice to replace non-functioning units from pre-configured Spares which are ready for deployment (refer to Managing Spares).

If assistance is needed you can contact Water-Insight with a list of “new” and “old” IPC serial numbers.

  1. Select the Sprinklers button for your farm
  2. Select the desired IPC to be replaced from the list, from the map (select open card) or use the search function
  3. Select Settings (cog) > Replace
  4. Select the replacement IPC from the list Select from Spare Units
  5. Select Replace to complete the process

IMS will make the required changes and then attempt to contact the new replacement IPC.

  • After about 2 minutes the app will notify you if it has successfully contacted the new unit and the new details can be viewed.
  1. You can now use IMS to send the new IPC it’s schedule – Settings (cog) > Send Schedule.

Here an EP3 will be used to make the required serial number and MAC address changes. Refer to the EP3 User Guide if needed.
The IPC MAC address can be found by going through the add new IPC process in either of the RXP scheduler, IPC manager or IMS applications.

Before performing field work ensure the following:

  • Latest firmware (V5.x or later) is loaded on your EP3
  • EP3 time is set correctly
  1. Select IPC List > navigate to the IPC being replaced > View
  2. Tap the serial number (e.g.7641) > a keyboard will pop up > enter the new serial number > select Enter
  3. Tap the radio MAC address (e.g. C0:98:C2:EB, see important note below) > a keyboard will pop up > enter the new MAC address > select Enter
  4. Send a Status request, Comms > check Status box > Send, to confirm communication to the new IPC
  5. Save changes to new IPC configuration file. IPC Files > Save
    • Tap Back then select IPC Files, the new configuration file will be displayed
    • This is the configuration file that will be used in future
  6. IMPORTANT – If you are using an INC the new configuration file will need to be loaded to it as well.

Important Note
The MAC address is often shown in IMS as a sequence of 12 alphanumeric characters e.g.  00:FE:C0:98:C2:EB. You must only enter the last 8 (i.e. C0:98:C2:EB)

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