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VRI for solid set

Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) for solid set sprinklers

Water-Insight IMS is the VRI solution for your solid set, fixed grid and G-Set more

Using fixed grid instead of pivot corner arm irrigation

Irrigating pivot corners with solid set

What to do with corner infill irrigation? A dilemma of fitting a circle into a square. read more

Happy New Year for 2021

Happy New Year read more

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IPC solid set irrigation in action in North Canterbury

Solid set in North Canterbury – NZdairy & CWS

QTech, the manufacturer of the Water-Insight technology, is proud to help Canterbury Water Services (CWS) achieve automated solid set sprinkler control. read more

Scheduling in IMS

IMS scheduling is flexible to cover most requirements for your solid set irrigation, while remaining easy to use. Use our mesh radio solar powered sprinkler controllers for any fixed grid or solid set irrigation. read more

solid set sprinkler in the background being controlled by farmer

Lowering the cost & simplifying routine maintenance

The Spring 2020 edition of our web based IMS is packed with new features to support farmers & irrigation companies. read more