Managing IPCs in IMS

The concept of spares enables you to hold surplus IPCs on farm, which are assigned in IMS ready to swap out for non-functioning units as required.

The management of these Spares in IMS includes creation, deployment and replacement. For more detail see the full application note.

Creating a Sprinkler or Spare
  1. Click Farm Settings (cog on the farm card) > Manage Assets > Irrigation Devices
  2. Select the add New Sprinkler button (or open Device Settings menu to edit an existing sprinkler)
  3. Give the spare IPC a name like SP1 (must be 5 characters or less)
  4. Enter the Serial Number, FarmID, and radio Channel number for the farm
  5. Select a Group - If you want to add this IPC to an existing group
  6. If this is a spare, turn on the slider control Is Spare Unit
  7. Click the Create button to add the device to the IMS cloud database
  8. Continue to add other sprinklers/spares as necessary following these steps
  9. Click Update Gateway to update the settings to your farm IMS gateway
Create a Group (optional)
  1. Select Groups from IMS home screen
  2. If there is not an existing group, create one (e.g. Spares ). Otherwise skip this step.
    Select New Group > Name the group Spares > select Create & Manage
  3. Select Manage in a List option
  4. Scroll or use the filter option > select spares > select + to add to the group
Deploy IPCs

The Deploy feature will attempt to configure the IPCs with the correct channel and farm ID for the site.
Before running the deployment process:

  • Place IPCs in the sun, near the IMS gateway
  • Remove the storage magnets
  1. Select Groups from IMS home screen
  2. Open the Group Settings menu (cog)
  3. Select Deploy whole Group

IPCs can also be deployed individually from the Manage Assets > Irrigation Devices menu.

Confirm Spares are Ready to be Installed
  1. Select Groups from IMS home screen
  2. Open the Group Settings menu (cog) for the Spares group > select Poll Whole Group
  3. Wait for the polling completed message > repeat step 1 > again wait for the polling completed message
  4. Go back to the Farms view > select Sprinklers from the farm card > select the List icon
  5. Scroll the list as needed and check the newly added spares
    Green tick - Ready to be installed
    Red cross - Not ready - has not communicated or battery charge is below 70%

The indications will update as communication is achieved with the IPCs.

IPC Replacement Procedure
  1. Select Sprinklers from the farm card
  2. Select the IPC you want to replace > open card
  3. Select the cog icon > Replace
  4. Select the replacement IPC from the spares list > turn off the Sync FarmID/Channel slider if spare has been confirmed ready (as above) > Select Replace
  5. IMS will notify you that the device has been replaced and will attempt to schedule, then request the status of the new IPC