Managing Spares in IMS

For more detail see the full application note.

The concept of spares enables you to hold surplus IPCs on farm, which are assigned in IMS ready to swap out for non-functioning units as required.

Creating a Spare
  1. Click Farm Settings (cog on the farm card) > Manage Assets > Irrigation Devices
  2. Select the add New Sprinkler button
  3. Give the spare IPC a name like SP1 (must be 5 characters or less)
  4. Enter the Serial Number, FarmID, and radio Channel number for the farm
  5. Select a Group – If you want to add this IPC to an existing group
  6. Click the slider control called Is Spare Unit
  7. Click the Create button to add the device to the IMS cloud database
  8. Continue to add other spares as necessary following these steps
  9. Click Update Gateway to update the settings on you farm IMS gateway

To replace a non-functioning unit with a Spare, follow the Swapping IPCs in the Field using IMS process.

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