IPC Troubleshooting using an EP3

This guide assumes good familiarity with EP3 use, if this is not the case please refer to the EP3 user guide.
Before performing field work ensure the following:

  • Latest firmware (V5.x or later) is loaded on your EP3
  • EP3 time is set correctly
    Sites with INC – use same time as INC
    Sites without INC – request status from several IPCs to gauge current site time

Firstly, generate an SD card for the current system configuration

  • Export from scheduling application
  • Export from IMS
  • Provided by agent or Water-Insight

Identify IPCs of interest

  • Reported status in IMS (a report can be generated if desired)
  • Known behaviour

Prepare EP3

  • Check that batteries are not nearing flat and ensure you have spare batteries
  • Latest EP3 firmware is installed (v5.x or later)
  • Set the EP3 time to match the site time
  • Load podlist and schedules from SD card
Investigate each IPC in turn

If the site is on IMS, you can use a smart phone to help guide you to the IPC locations

  1. Visual checks
    • Confirm solar panel is clean
    • Solenoid wires are connected correctly
    • Storage magnet is not installed
    • No physical damage to IPC
  1. Check serial number of IPC matches that in podlist(EP3)
  1. Check if IPC is in hibernation – LED flashes briefly every 10s
  1. Briefly place a magnet on the IPC magnet label
    • Confirm LED starts flashing quickly (entered bootloader mode)
    • If LED does not start flashing the battery may be completely flat

For IPCs with field replaceable batteries see Replacing an IPC Battery
For IPCs without field replaceable batteries, return to Water-Insight for service
If you have a spare IPC available see Replacing an IPC in the Field

  1. Send a Status request – wait for the LED to stop flashing first
    • Confirm the IPC responds, check the battery charge %, schedule matches and time is correct
    • If IPC was in hibernation, you will have ~20s after the LED stops flashing to get a status response

If the charge % is unexpectedly low you may wish to replace the battery or replace/service the IPC

  1. If IPC does not respond to a status request, but did respond to magnet (fast flashing LED)
  1. Confirm channel and/or FarmID (V5) are set correctly
    • Refer to How to discover radio channel of IPC and Changing the radio channel and/or FarmID
    • This is only likely to occur if the IPC has been replaced at some stage and has not communicated since
  1. Check Solenoid Operation
    • Perform manual ON and OFF commands and confirm sprinkler starts/stops (if water available) or solenoid clicks (no water available)

If an IPC needs replacing, has a flat battery or if the charge % is unexpectedly low

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