Downgrading IPC Firmware from V5 to V3

This guide assumes good familiarity with EP3 use, if this is not the case please refer to the full application note and/or the EP3 user guide.
Before performing field work ensure the following:

  • Latest firmware (V5.x or later) is loaded on your EP3
  • EP3 time is set correctly

Programming IPCs Over The Air is possible given the prerequisite conditions are met. This means you need to be within radio range, but don’t need to be physically at the IPC(s) to use a magnet.

Downgrade Process
  1. Load a V5 podlist (i.e. FarmID is set for each IPC), schedules and desired target firmware into your EP3
  2. From the main menu select Settings > Comms > Use Broadcast header
  3. Select IPCs to be upgraded from IPC List
    • IPC List > View > check Upgrade box
    • It is a good idea to select groups of 10-20 IPCs within radio range at a time
    • Alternatively, All can be used to select all units
  4. From the main menu select Upgrade > Option, enable desired options then select OK
    • OTA – Enables the OTA feature
    • Filter List – The IPC list will only show IPCs that have been selected for upgrading (check or uncheck this option as desired)
    • Select Ch 9
    • Uncheck No FarmID checkbox
  5. Select the IPC application (e.g. IPC-App-v3.14.bin) then tap Load
  6. Tap poll to start the OTA sequence
    • The process will be stepped through for each IPC to be downgraded, Poll>Erase>Program>Check>Reset
  7. You may need to reattempt the process if any downgrades fail.
    • Perhaps need to move closer for better radio reception or try traditional method using a magnet
    • The Upgrade box will remain checked for any IPCs that weren’t successful
    • The Filter option can be used to show these in the IPC list
  8. Once done turn off the Use Broadcast Header option
  9. Load a V3 podlist (no FarmID) into your EP3. (Communication will not be possible with a V5 podlist)
  10. Now you should be able to check the status of individual IPCs.

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