Defining an Alert Notification in IMS

For more detail see the full application note.

The following are the two main parts for configuring an alert notification in IMS:

What condition generates the alert
  1. From your IMS home screen select the more menu (three vertical dots), choose Manage Alerts, then Create Alert Event
  2. Configure the Alert Event as desired and then select Create

As an example:

  • The event is enabled.
  • Trigger for the event is Tank Level.
  • The farm the event is for is Homestead.
  • The particular sensor the event relates to is Tank 1.
  • Evaluation condition is Less Than.
  • Value compared to is 70(%)
How is the Alert Notification Sent
  1. Select the more menu (three vertical dots), choose Settings, then Alerts
  2. Turn on the slider for each type of notification you want
    • SMS, Instant Message and E-mail

Your account profile must have your e-mail address and mobile phone number configured for these alert types to operate. These can be updated from your IMS home page in Account Details under the more menu.

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