Creating Groups in IMS

For more detail see the full application note.

Creating groups allows IPCs to be managed collectively for reasons such as:

  • Inhibiting a paddock during cultivation or seeding
  • Different scheduling requirements – more/less water, restricted run times
Creating a Group
  1. Select Groups from your IMS home page
  2. Select New Group, give it a Name, then select Create & Manage
    • If this group defines its own separate lateral/zone, turn on the Is it a lateral slider
    • You can add a description if desired
  3. Choose whether you want to add units from a List or from a Map view
From a List
  1. Select the units that you want in this group and select the + to add
    • There are also option to select/unselect all and search by name or serial number
    • To remove selected units from the group select the
From the Map

This method is best for assigning IPCs by location when you may not know their specific names/serial numbers.

You will be shown a satellite map view of your farm.

  1. Navigate to the location of the IPCs of interest
  2. Left click around an outline (either clockwise or anticlockwise) to select the target IPCs – this will create a white shape.
    • There are options to erase the shape and start over, undo 1 point or redo 1 point.
  3. The selected IPCs can now be added to or removed from the group, by selecting Add or Remove
    • Green IPCs are in the group & light grey are not

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