Converting a Post to a Sprinkler in IMS

For more details see the full application note.

This guide assumes IPCs have been added to IMS and prepared for deployment – Configured as Spares in IMS, correct radio channel and farm ID set, battery is sufficiently charged.

If there are post/pod positions configured as Points of Interest (POI) in IMS, then the process to convert them to sprinklers as IPCs are installed is as follows:

  1. Select the Farm Settings (cog on the farm card) > Manage Assets > Points of Interest (POI)
  2. Scroll or use the search function to locate the desired POI, then select the Convert to Sprinkler icon (double arrow)
  3. Select desired IPC using Select from Spare Units drop down box or enter Serial Number of IPC
  4. Verify the Farm ID and Channel are correct, then choose the Comms Mode
  5. Select Convert
  6. Select Update Gateway

The new IPC takes the name and position of the POI and can now be sent a status request, schedule and test valve operation as desired (see Working with IPCs using IMS)

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