Cheat Sheet for Mixed Site

This guide assumes good familiarity with EP3 use, if this is not the case please refer to the full application note and/or the EP3 user guide.
Before performing field work ensure the following:

  • Latest firmware (V5.x or later) is loaded on your EP3
  • EP3 time is set correctly

A key difference between V3.xx and V5.xx IPC firmware is the use of a valid FarmID

  • V5.xx IPC firmware – requires correct FarmID entry in podlist
  • V3.xx IPC firmware – must not have FarmID entry in podlist

Podlists can have a mix of pod entries (with and without a FarmID line per pod) this enables one podlist to be used for mixed V3 and V5 sites.

There are two ways to check an IPCs firmware version using an EP3


Requires being physically at the IPC, having a magnet on hand and a SD card loaded with IPC V3 and V5 firmware.

  1. Select Upgrade
  2. Select either version, then Load
  3. Briefly place a magnet on IPC “magnet” label
    • The IPC LED will start flashing
  4. Select Poll
    • Don’t tap anything else, DON’T tap the flash button!
  5. Expect a “Handshake OK” response, followed by bootloader version and IPC-App version.
    • IPC-App will be v3.xx or 5.xx
  6. Select Reset and the LED will stop flashing.


Requires being in radio range of IPC(s) and SD card loaded with two copies of the IPC podlist: one with FarmID configured (V5) and one without (V3).

  1. First load the V3 podlist, IPC Files > Load
  2. Select Settings > Comms and check the box marked Scan Channels
  3. Send Status request to IPC
    • IPC list > navigate to IPC of interest > View > Comms > check Status box > Send
  4. The EP3 will try each radio channel in turn until it gets a response from the IPC.
    • If a response is received, the status will display the firmware version
    • If the response is on an unexpected radio channel you can follow the process to change it
  5. If no response is received, load the V5 podlist
  6. Select Settings > Comms and check the Use Broadcast Header checkbox (leave the scan channels one ticked)
  7. Send Status request (per step 3)
    • If a response is received the firmware version will be displayed
    • If radio channel and/or FarmID are not as desired, follow the process to change them
  8. If no response is received there is a problem because the units firmware is not programmed correctly.
    • Use method 1 to see what is programmed.

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