Changing Schedules using the EP3

This guide assumes good familiarity with EP3 use, if this is not the case please refer to the full application note and/or the EP3 user guide.
Before performing field work ensure the following:

  • Latest firmware (V5.x or later) is loaded on your EP3
  • EP3 time is set correctly
  1. Identify Schedules to be Modified
  • Insert the appropriate SD card for the desired site into an EP3. Navigate to the desired IPC(s) and note down their schedule ID number. IPC List > View > Schedule
  1. Edit Schedules
  • Using a PC/laptop edit the required schedule files on the SDcard, changing Start Time and Duration as desired using notepad or similar editor.

Remember other IPCs each have their own schedules and their associated start times may need to be edited in order to maintain sequential operation.

  1. Reload Schedule
  • Insert SD card into EP3 and load desired schedule folder. Sch Files > Load
  • Confirm changes have been loaded. Sch List > select required schedule > View
  1. Send New Schedule to IPC(s)
  • Send a status request to the target IPC to confirm within radio communication range. IPC List > select IPC > View > Comms > select Local & Status > Send
  • Check IPC time and send Timeset if required
  • Select Schedule > Send to send new schedule
  • Confirm the schedule matches with a status

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